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Fresh-cut Products

We offer a variety of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables in cuts and pack sizes to meet all of your fresh produce requirements. From custom salad and slaw blends to sliced, diced and julienned fruits and vegetables, we have what you need, when you need it!

Fresh-cut produce from Freshway Foods saves you time and money:

  • 100% Usable Product. Bulk product must be cut, cored or peeled, and delivers yield rates as low as 25%. Fresh-cut produce from Freshway Foods is cut, washed, and ready to use.
  • Consistent Quality. We inspect incoming raw material and remove any product that does not meet our stringent quality specs. Our customers receive 100% quality product.
  • Saves Time and Labor Cost. Cutting, coring and peeling bulk produce wastes your time and labor dollars. Fresh-cut produce from Freshway Foods is ready to use – no additional processing needed.
  • Reduces Safety Issues. Bulk produce must be cut by workers, and this introduces the opportunity for cutting injuries. Fresh-cut produce from Freshway Foods is easy to handle, with no cutting required.

Fresh-cut produce from Freshway Foods also lowers the risk of cross-contamination. With bulk produce, workers may re-use knives or cutting boards that were used for raw proteins. Our product is ready to use, so there is no need to use knives or cutting boards.

  • Consistent, easily-defined costs. The yield for bulk produce varies because of growing conditions and growing regions. This can cause a large variation in the cost of the produce from one week to the next. We deliver fresh-cut produce to the customer in bags or trays that are the same weight every week.
  • Saves Storage Space. Bulk produce wastes valuable cooler space. Fresh-cut produce from Freshway Foods takes up significantly less cooler space than bulk produce.

Fresh-Cut Produce from Freshway Foods Bulk Produce
  • 100% Usable Product
  • Saves Labor Dollars
  • Reduces Potential Cutting Injuries
  • Lower Risk of Cross-Contamination
  • Consistent, Clearly Defined Costs
  • Consistent Quality
  • Saves Storage Space
  • 35-75% Waste
  • Labor Dollars Wasted
  • High Potential for Cutting Injuries
  • High Risk of Cross-Contamination
  • Fluctuating Costs Based on Market
  • Inconsistent Quality
  • Wastes Valuable Storage Space