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Updated May 11, 2010

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) informed us late May 5 that Freshway Foods' romaine products with a USE BY date of May 12 or earlier could be linked to an illness outbreak. FDA conducted extensive testing but did not find E. coli in our facility.

On May 6, Freshway Foods issued a voluntary recall of all products containing romaine lettuce with a USE BY date of May 12 or earlier. On May 10, FDA confirmed that the strain of E. coli O145 detected in an unopened bag of Freshway Foods romaine lettuce matched the outbreak strain of E. coli O145.

The Freshway Foods recall includes romaine sold by Freshway Foods for food service outlets, wholesale, and in-store retail salad bars and delis in the designated states and with a USE BY date of May 12 or earlier; no other products are involved.

ONLY the designated food service, wholesale and in-store retail salad and deli products containing romaine are included in this recall. No other types of lettuce other than the romaine are involved in this recall.

In addition, this recall does NOT include the bulk or packaged romaine products you typically see in the supermarket produce department. Freshway Foods does not produce these products. At retail, it includes only romaine that would have gone into in-store salad bars and delis in the specified stores and states.

Protecting public health is paramount to us here at Freshway Foods. We will continue to cooperate fully with state and federal health officials as their investigation continues.

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