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Freshway Foods focuses on delivering product and service excellence to our foodservice, retail and logistics customers in the eastern half of the United States.  With the combination of experienced employees, high tech facilities, regionalized distribution and logistics solutions, we are confident we surpass the competition with our superior customer service.

Forward Distribution
We own a logistics and trucking company, Freshway Logistics, for the purpose of servicing our customers. We offer guaranteed cold chain logistics and forward distribution services to any location in our distribution area. We are able to service our entire customer base, from order placement through delivery, within 24-36 hours.

Bulk produce containers may be too large for your individual locations, and may result in spoilage. Repacked produce is available in smaller containers to better suit your operational needs.

Save labor dollars and cooler space with repacked produce from Freshway Foods. Sorting of produce in bulk containers wastes labor dollars that you could be spending on front-of-house activities. Bulk produce also takes up valuable cooler space.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados, lemons, limes and more!

Consolidate your perishable distribution under one roof. With cross-dock services from Freshway Foods, we consolidate products from multiple suppliers onto one truck to your facility or distribution center. Consolidating shipments save freight costs and simplifies delivery to your facility.

Product Ideation and Menu Development
We will work with your culinary and product development teams to develop exciting new products and menu items. We will help you develop new flavor profiles to capture the potential of the latest food trends. Invite us to your next ideation session, and let us put our culinary and produce knowledge to work for you.

Sales Support
We have strategically positioned sales people throughout our distribution area to allow for a more personalized approach to customer service and sales support.