Devon Beer Named President and Chief Operating Officer of Freshway Foods

SIDNEY, OHIO — September 12, 2014 — Freshway Foods announced today that Devon Beer has been named President and Chief Operating Officer of Freshway Foods. In his new role, Beer will lead all of the day to day activities of both Freshway Foods and Freshway Logistics. The company’s executive team will report directly to Beer, and he will lead execution of the company’s strategic plans, including revenue growth and expense control initiatives.

Beer joined Freshway Foods in 2000 as Chief Financial Officer. “Devon has brought a set of standards, guiding principles, and disciplines to Freshway that have been a significant part of our growth and success during these past 14 years,” said company owner Frank Gilardi. “During his time at Freshway, Devon has filled a role well beyond that of his official duties. I have confidence in his abilities and his commitment to serve our values, mission and vision as we move forward.”


Devon Beer

Freshway Foods has experienced significant growth over the past few years, and this organizational change will position the company to continue this positive trajectory. Beer’s new role will enable company owners Frank Gilardi and Phil Gilardi to focus on strategic planning for the business, develop key customer and supplier relationships, and develop new business opportunities for continuous improvement and growth.

Company owner Phil Gilardi emphasized that this organizational change will be seamless for the company’s customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. “What will not change is our focus on providing value to our customers and a postive work environment for our associates,” said Gilardi. “Devon will be supported during this transition by our team of over 400 associates, all of whom are dedicated to the success of the company.”

Beer, a certified public accountant, holds a Bachelor of Arts from Wittenberg University and a Master of Business Administration from The Ohio State University.