Freshway Foods Drivers Inducted Into Million Mile Club

SIDNEY, OHIO — October 24, 2014 — Freshway Foods announced today that three of the company’s drivers have been inducted into the company’s prestigious Million Mile Club, which recognizes drivers who have achieved one million safe driving miles with the company.

Freshway drivers John Lawrence, Mike Bradley and Herb Donahue were honored at a celebration event for achieving one million safe miles, and each received a custom leather bomber jacket, a die cast model of a Freshway truck, a gift card and an engraved plaque. “Our drivers are the critical link to providing exceptional service for our customers, and getting our product delivered safely is our top priority,” stated Devon Beer, President of Freshway Foods. “We are extremely proud of John, Mike and Herb for reaching one million accident-free miles. The dedication and the careful approach applied to their jobs provides a fine example for the rest of our drivers,” Beer stated. “We look forward to many more drivers reaching the same milestone.”

In addition to the Million Mile Club inductees, Freshway Foods recognized over 20 drivers for various safe driving milestones. “Freshway is proud to showcase the accomplishments of all of our drivers,” said Tony Arnold, Director of Human Resources. “We are especially proud to recognize our Million Mile Club safe drivers. Their talent, commitment to safety and overall productivity have earned them the right to be part of an exclusive club. They are ambassadors for safety.”