Freshway Foods Introduces New Fresh-Cut Potatoes

Freshway Foods announced today that the company will introduce new fresh-cut potatoes at the upcoming United Fresh food show. The new fresh-cut potatoes save time and money for foodservice operators.

Freshway’s fresh-cut potatoes are available in several varieties, including whole peeled, sliced, diced, quartered and wedged russet potatoes, diced and quartered red potatoes, peeled and quartered gold potatoes, and whole peeled, diced and wedged sweet potatoes.

The fresh-cut potatoes are treated to prevent browning, and do not require storage in water. “These potatoes are a definite improvement for any foodservice operator who is currently storing potatoes in buckets of water,” says Chef Douglas Bond, New Product Development Manager for Freshway Foods. “We have eliminated the messiness and reduced the amount of space needed to serve fresh potatoes,” he adds.

Freshway’s fresh-cut potatoes also offer advantages over bulk whole potatoes. “Many foodservice operators use bulk potatoes in bags, which are dirty and must be washed before peeling or cutting,” says Bond. “Our new fresh-cut potatoes are washed and ready to use, with no waste and no additional labor required,” he adds.

Freshway plans to display the new fresh-cut potatoes at the upcoming United Fresh food show. “We invite everyone to stop by booth 1909 to learn more about how foodservice operators can save time and money with our new fresh-cut potatoes,” says Bond.

The new fresh-cut potatoes are now available through your local Freshway Foods representative. For more information about Freshway Foods, visit