Freshway Foods Introduces New Seasonal Deli Salads

Freshway Foods announced today that the company will introduce new seasonal deli salads at the upcoming IDDBA Dairy-Deli-Bake Conference. The new salads feature ingredients and flavors that consumers prefer, including plant-based protein, spicy flavors, and unique fruits and vegetables.

The company’s Superfood Protein Salad and Tangy Orange Cucumber Quinoa salad both feature plant-based protein. The company’s proprietary Tangy Sriracha Dressing adds spice to sweet and savory ingredients.  Unique ingredients, such as rainbow carrots, turnips,  rutabaga and watermelon radish add interest to the company’s seasonal salads. “Consumers today have more sophisticated palates,” says Kirk Norman, Business Development Director for Freshway Foods. “Even classic pasta salad has been reimagined in this new seasonal salad lineup, with the addition of classic summer barbeque flavors and healthy ingredients like kale,” he adds.

The company’s Grab n Go salad line has also been expanded, with seasonal salads that will add excitement to the retail service case. “We are highlighting colors of the season in our new Grab n Go salads, with our Colors of America salad for Summer and our Colors of Christmas salad for Winter,” Norman adds, “These salads are assembled in store, for fresh convenience and a more upscale experience for consumers.”

The new salads are now available through your local Freshway Foods representative.