Sustainable Growing

  • We work with growers across the United States to help them develop good land stewardship.SustTran2
  • We utilize growing and harvesting techniques that reduce water usage.
  • We have developed higher yield crops that have resulted in diesel fuel savings and reduce our carbon footprint.

Sustainable Transportation

  • By utilizing our own fleet of refrigerated trucks, we are able to maximize the efficiency of our logistics scheduling and reduce the number of miles our fleet is on the road each year
  • All of our trucks utilize Auxilliary Power Units (APU’s), which reduce the amount of fuel used during mandatory rest periods required by the Department of Transportation by 88%
  • All of our trucks are governed at 64 mph, to maximize the available fuel economy.

Sustainable Processing

  • We have developed a proprietary water replenishment system that saves millions of gallons of water annually.
  • We utilize low-flow fixtures and sensor-activated motion-activated fluorescent lighting throughout our facility.
  • Our refrigeration system uses eco-friendly materials and is 30% more efficient than traditional refrigeration systems.
  • The cores, peels and trimmings that are removed from fresh fruits and vegetables processed in the facility are used to make pet food or feed for local livestock. All food waste is mechanically separated, cleaned, pressed and delivered in food-grade trucks to local farms and pet food processors.
  • We recycle millions of pounds of material annually. 80% of our recycled material travels 1.2 miles or less for recycling.

Materials We Recycle