Fresh-Cut VS. Bulk Produce

Fresh-cut produce saves time and money:

  • 100% usable product – no waste.
  • Lowers risk of cross-contamination.
  • Saves time and labor costs – no additional washing or cutting required.
  • Eliminates the need for back-of-house prep work that is associated with whole produce, and enables your employees to spend more time on activities that grow your business.
  • Reduces potential injuries associated with cutting whole produce.
  • Saves valuable cooler space and simplifies inventory control. Cartons are clearly marked for easy rotation.
  • Consistent quality and portion control for a positive guest experience.
  • Clearly defined costs for a stable profit margin.
  • Stringent food safety practices from the field through delivery.

Bulk produce wastes time and money


Fresh-cut produce is 100% usable product, for no waste


Consider the hidden factors of bulk produce:

  • Preparation for the prep work required for bulk produce.
  • Cleaning and removal of bulk waste.
  • Washing and storing of finished product.
  • Sanitation, work station clean up, employee hygiene, handling.
  • Forecasting bulk produce requirements when supply is variable.
  • Prepping too little or too much bulk produce.


In addition to pre-cut fruit and vegetables, Freshway offers repack produce and forward distribution solutions, fresh deli and grab n go salad kits, and more.


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