Deli Salad Kits

Sweet & Crunchy Couscous

Deli Salads in Seconds

Fresh deli salad kits from Freshway Foods will save you time and money without sacrificing freshness, taste, and quality. Packaged in components that you quickly assemble in-store, our salad kits complete a meal in just minutes!

  • Packed to order to ensure fresh product upon delivery
  • Each kit contains all ingredients to make a complete deli salad
  • Saves time and labor – no additional cutting or cleaning required
  • Uniform weight for controlled cost per salad
  • Consistent quality and ingredients
  • Reduces potential for cutting injuries
  • Our salad dressings contain NO trans fats
  • New seasonal salad kits

We offer an extensive selection of deli salads to appeal to a wide audience; from classic deli salads to gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, superfood and vegan salads, Freshway offers something for everyone.

In addition to fresh deli salad kits, Freshway offers grab n go salad kits, nutrition bowl kits, salad bar componentspre-cut fruit and vegetables, repack produceforward distribution solutions, and more.


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