Freshway Foods Introduces New Fall/Winter Deli Salads

Freshway Foods Introduces New Fall/Winter Deli Salads


Freshway Foods announced today that the company will introduce its new Fall/Winter line of fresh deli salads at the upcoming IDDBA Dairy Deli Bake food show. The new salads feature ancient grains, including farro and quinoa, as well as heirloom vegetables, such as golden beets and rainbow carrots.

Development of the new Fall/Winter deli salads was driven by market research, as well as customer feedback. “We are listening to the marketplace and we are listening to our customers,” says Chef Douglas Bond, New Product Development Manager for Freshway Foods. “We continually study what is going on in the marketplace, with an eye on trending ingredients and flavors, and we add that knowledge to feedback from our customers on what their consumers want, in order to build a better salad,” he adds.

The new line of Fall/Winter salads emphasizes the vibrance of fresh produce. “These new deli salads bring bold, vivid colors to your deli case,” says Chef Bond. “We’ve added color in unexpected ways,” he adds. “For example, golden beets are an heirloom variety that add sweetness and crunch to a salad, in addition to the bright golden color.”

The new salads include:


Nutty Balsamic Kale Salad

  • Sweet and Crunchy Couscous – Sweet, crunchy apples and celery, mildly tart craisins and earthy walnuts, accented by a mildly spicy, Asian-inspired orange vinaigrette.
  • Nutty Balsamic Kale Salad – A hearty and healthy combination of kale, nutty farro and quinoa, sweet and mildly tart craisins, and mellow peas brought together with a classic balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Buffalo Cauliflower Salad – Crunchy cauliflower, celery and carrot in creamy Buffalo-style dressing with a kick, accented by green onions and mellow chickpeas.
  • Ancient Grain and Garden Salad – Sweet and crunchy heirloom golden beets and rainbow carrots with nutty farro, savory green onion and sweet, juicy pears, accented by a pleasantly smoky sweet onion vinaigrette.
  • Pear and Broccoli Salad – Sweet pears, hearty broccoli, red onions and red cabbage with nutty Parmesan cheese and walnuts, brought together in a mildly tangy and creamy cole slaw dressing.

The new Fall/Winter salads focus on using trendy flavors and ingredients in new ways. “Our Buffalo Cauliflower Salad is a hit with consumers who love the taste of hot wings, but want a healthier option,” says Bond. “We have also reinvented the couscous salad, by giving it an Asian-inspired, fruity flavor profile,” he adds.

Freshway plans to sample the new salads at the upcoming Dairy Deli Bake food show, sponsored by IDDBA. “We invite everyone to stop by booth 3255 to try these vibrant, delicious salads, which will bring color and variety to your Fall /Winter deli case,” says Bond.

The new salads are now available through your local Freshway Foods representative.