8 Part Food Safety Commitment

Fresh Safety 8 Part Food Safety Commitment
Grower selection/approval

1. Grower selection/approval

  • Pre Season Risk Assessment
  • Documentation Review- Grower GAPs, Land History, Adjacent Land Use, Water Source & test results, Soil Inputs, Letter of Guarantee, etc.
  • compliance that meets or exceeds FSMA, LGMA metrics & customer requirements
Ranch/Farm Approval Process

2. Ranch/Farm Approval Process

  • Ranch monitoring and verification of implemented GAPs (animal activity/intrusion, changes in adjacent land use, review of monthly irrigation water test results, etc.)
  • Completion of a 3rd Party GFSI Ranch Audit
  • Pre Harvest Risk Assessment
  • Pre Harvest Pathogen Testing for Leafy Greens
Harvesting Operations

3. Harvesting Operations

  • Daily Harvest Risk Assessment to include a thorough review of the area to be harvested for any animal hazards/intrusion
  • Verification of implemented GAPs/GHPs (ex. employee hygiene, equipment/harvest tool sanitation, properly stocked restrooms, etc.)
  • Continual foreman/employee training on food safety topics such as animal hazards, employee hygiene, proper hand washing, and equipment sanitation.
  • 3rd Party Harvest Crew Audits
  • Traceability- Applicable loads are identified establishing the grower, ranch & lot. Traceability identification tags also include the harvest date and crew
Shipping Cooler/Packaging Operations

4. Shipping Cooler/Packaging Operations

  • Monitoring of cut to cool times
  • Traceability of product leaving the field & verified upon receipt at the cooler
  • Monitoring of cooling process
  • Sanitation of cooling equipment
  • Pest control certified facilities
Transportation Safety & Security

5. Transportation Safety & Security

  • Security seals on all incoming produce trucks
  • Monitor cleanliness of trucks
  • Traceability begins – each trailer has its own purchase order
  • Incoming inspection for all commodities with automated data collection
Processing Plant Control

6. Processing Plant Control

  • GFSI certified using the SQF Level 2 platform
  • Comprehensive sanitation and environmental program
  • Advanced automated processing lines
  • Continuous process monitoring
  • Automated data collection process
  • Continuous improvement
  • Foundational food safety culture
  • Pest control certified facility
Service and Delivery Control

7. Service and Delivery Control

  • Traceability – Order shipment data is scanned and stored electronically
  • Monitoring of temperatures
  • Company owned facility for truck cleaning and sanitation
  • Security seals for each customer delivery on all trailers

8. Traceability

  • Lot code is followed from receiving through processing and distribution.
  • Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI)
  • Mock recalls