Nutrition Bowls

Complete meatless meal in a bowl

Nutrition bowls from Freshway Foods offer global flavors, premium ingredients and fusion combinations. Nutrition bowls are gaining in popularity thanks to social media and food bloggers. Simply assemble the components in-house for a fresh, healthy option your customers will love!

  • Delicious meal ready when your customer wants it
  • All meals feature a leafy green base, fresh vegetables and/or fruit, plant-based protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, dressings and toppings to enhance flavor
  • Minimally dressed/sauced to accent the flavor and nutrition of the ingredients
  • No additional cutting or cleaning required
  • Easy preparation and uniform weight for controlled cost per salad


In addition to nutrition bowls, Freshway Foods offers fresh deli salad kits, grab n go salad kits, salad bar components, and more.


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